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SAAM Events

Sexual Assault Prevention Through the Life-span

It’s Time…to Talk About It


This April, it’s time to start a dialogue, and the topic of the conversation is healthy sexuality.

The 2023 Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign encourages communities and individuals to join the conversation on how we connect and respect one another in order to prevent sexual violence.

Listed below are local opportunities to start a dialogue and encourage healthy relationships and communities.



Understanding Elder and Cognitive Impairment Sexual Abuse


April 5th | 

  • Presentation for caregivers and family of elder adults and those with cognitive impairments.  The presentation will cover opportunities for sexual assault (SA), prevalence, identifying shifts in behavior, and what to do in the event SA occurs.

Disclosing and Finding Support as an Adult


April 12th

  • We will have a panel presentation from experts dealing with adults disclosing trauma. Sometimes the emphasis is placed on whether or not a person can report to authorities. However, this discussion will focus on how to disclose harm to a trusted source and how to move into the healing process.

Teachable Safety Skills


April 19th

Guest speakers from the Zero abuse project will present on teaching safety skills to youth in our lives. This training is for both professionals and parents. It will focus on busting the myth of “Stranger Danger” and identifying reasons why personal safety education should INCREASE at puberty instead of decrease. This training will take place and Pathfinder Youth Center and will have a virtual option

Denim Day

Wednesday, April 26th | 

  • In the late 1990s, the Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction. The judges did not believe that the victim had not consented to sexual contact since, in their opinion, her jeans were so tight the perpetrator could not have gotten them off without her assistance. The decision sparked an international outcry, leading to the creation of Denim Day, a campaign aimed at raising awareness and educating the public about sexual violence. Show your support by wearing denim!

Take Back the Night

Thursday, April 27th

  • Take Back the Night is a movement more than a march and it allows survivors to truly take something with them: a sense of community, a chance to acknowledge their hurt, a stage to demand change, and a night of solidarity they may never forget.

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