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Individual therapy allows you to set personal goals and explore your feelings and beliefs. While working alongside a trained professional, you will work through challenging aspects of your life that you would like to resolve. Working through these challenges will help you to better understand yourself and others and bring forth lasting change.


Group therapy provides a supportive environment for those who are suffering and may feel alone.  Participating in group therapy can help instill hope, build emotional support and increase skills.  Participants of groups tend to benefit from sharing space with others who have shared experiences.  It helps to reduce loneliness, promote change and normalize experiences.


Children and adolescent therapy helps youth learn how to identify their emotions, learn new coping strategies, improve problem-solving and self-soothing skills and proactively express their needs


We work with individuals who have experienced domestic violence.  We help people work through the hurt and learn coping skills. Domestic violence left untreated can carry emotional scars that can affect your life.  Traumatic experiences such as domestic violence can manifest in the form of lost jobs, risky/unhealthy behaviors, unhealthy relationships and substance use.  We provide psychoeducation on what domestic violence is, emotion identification, distress tolerance and healthy/unhealthy relationships. 


Family Therapy is to help families build communication skills, work through family difficulties and create a better functioning home environment.

Sexual violence is a serious public health problem in the United States.  We provide trauma informed care to help individuals heal from sexual trauma.  We work to help build coping skills, rebuild hope and decrease guilt and shame.